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Default Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past Speculation

it' simple the events from the last stand and the global threat caused by Mutants plus the cure.
Causes them to put into effect the Sentinal act as well as Global control over Mutants.
Wolverine and the few that were left over try there best to fight this threat as as Mutants are being put into concentration camps.However it becoames too much for them.
When suddenly an oppurtunity to go into the past and undo all that caused this is presented be it machine but most likey it will be by a Mutant to go into the past.
Wolverine as all for it so he can actually go back before Jean Grey died.
They go back to tthe time of First Class.Undo the treat of the Sentinals that truly began after the cold war because that was when Mutants first surfaced.Or at least the First Class.
They fight together the Mutant brings the remaning team back to the present Jean and Scott are still alive actually the best way would bring them back into a scene from the first movie.Maybe right at the scene where Scott and Wolverine are having that discussion about Jean at the door of Professor X's office thus comming completely full circle.(Even Better Wolverine finds himself in the hoody he was whereing in fornt of the Profeesors door he opens it and finds Scott(James Marsden)And Xaviour saying the line from the first movie."Hello Logan"The scene right before he asks Profeesor if his name is wheels.Everyone is there in the room.He looks at Storm and Professor X and only they know what happpened.Ohhh that gives me chills...!!!X-men would be back on top.You go to the scene where he was leaving and Rogue asks him are you leaveing but this time he says no I think I'll stay.
That would be amazingly awesome.
Thus we take it right from the start all over again with the original team intact.
And the First Class intact.
Wow I should be writing this.

Every day is new beggining.

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