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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Well if you look at the crossover issues of Marvel comic books. They always bring a lot of characters and most of them doesn't even have a line, they are merely added for action and so the situation would look very epic and thats one of my problems with the comics of Marvel. And I don't want that to happen in the movies too.

Nightcrawler already met Mystique in X2 and it seemed like Mystique didn't know him at all. Even if they explained their mother/son situation very well, that would still take focus from the actual plot of the movie.
I don't know if it seemed like she didn't know him at all. Maybe she just couldn't look her son in the eyes for long. Perhaps he reminds her of Azazel? Maybe she's just had guilt for years about abandoning him. She does kind of take a deep breath when he goes to her, like he's a problem for her because of the memories he brings.

There's a lot of ways that scene could be interpreted for now. I'd like to think of Mystique's reply to Nightcrawler's question as "motherly advice". He really seemed intrigued by her answer... possibly even inspired. Here's the scene. It ends too fast so we don't get to see Nightcrawler's tail swirl behind him after Mystique walks off.

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