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Default Re: 11.4 - Effigy - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)
Smallville Season 11 Comic Book Features Impulse and Expands its Universe

Smallville Season 11 is published digitally three Fridays a month (and later collected in print editions). Starting Friday, Jan. 4, a new series of parallel adventures will be published digitally on the title's off-week. The first arc, "Effigy" features a team-up with John Jones, aka the Martian Manhunter (another recurring guest star on the TV show), and Batman, who made his Smallville universe debut in Season 11's most recent storyline. "These are stories that will help fill in the rest of our world while Clark is busy on his main adventure," Miller says. "The first four off-weeks will be 'Effigy.' It gives everyone a chance to keep that Smallville machine rolling every week."
so Martian Manhunter and Batman team up. On one hand that's awesome and that means more Smallville comics. But on the other hand I think it's too soon to see Batman team up with another Smallville hero and wished it was 2 previous Smallville heroes like Aquaman, Black Canary or Zatanna or something.

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