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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by I'm Venom View Post
I've never cared for Black Panther and can't really see the point of the character being in an Avengers film, as I can't think of any story he could be a part of that I'd care to see. I just don't feel he'd work alongside the others on the big screen without having to take Captain America out of the story. Why would you need Captain America on your team when you have someone who's more athletic, but also comes with genius?
I understand you don't like the character and you feel a certain way, and can't think of any way that any black characters can be awesome, but the reality is that Cap's abilities are equally redundant with BW and Hawkeye, and BP is no closer to replacing him than they are.

You don't care for black characters. That's how you feel, okay. Trying to justify it with remarkably uninformed and somewhat silly objections serves no purpose.

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