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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by FilmNerdJamie View Post
$700M is already in that territory with all due respect.

Let's be realistic about the worldwide gross and keep it around $500M. $100M up from Superman Returns with the average price of tickets gone up plus 3D/IMAX bumps. That I could see. Superman is still viewed as an American superhero, hiring a British actor will make no difference.
Superman Returns inflates to 245 I believe. Includie 3-D and Imax bumps (which is at least a 10% increase) and you're at 270 million 2013 dollars in tickets sales. Worth keeping in mind.

Something a lot of people are discounting is Superman Returns wasnt yesterday, it was 7 years ago. It sold a fairly impressive # of tickets at the time, considering it inflates to just under 250 million in todays terms.

To be frank, Superman Returns # of admissions is about as low as I think a contemporary Superman movie can go. Superheros are really popular right now, to state the obvious, and he is he grand daddy. SR had little going for it other than the name SUPERMAN. SR's admissions #s are the lowest I envision Man Of Steel doing, which - with inflation, 3D, and expanded Imax - are a bit north of 250 million.

It is not being fanboyish to say MOS should have little trouble outgrossing TASM if the marketing continues to own.

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