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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

Originally Posted by EnDz0n3 View Post
People's bad feelings about Halle stem from Halle herself. When she was cast as Storm, she complained on a talk show on TV that she was "reduced' to playing a comic book character. Add to that her hit and run accident to which she said she left the scene of the crime because she had amnesia. And of course her baby-daddy issues are showing what a truly terrible and vindictive person she is.

I'm all for separating someone's body of work from her private life but there comes a time when not so good people should not be rewarded with praise and afforded excuses.
I can't argue the hit and run and the baby daddy issues. I just believe in separating a person's professional career from their private life. I mean we don't go to theatres to see Halle we go to see the character she is playing.

As for the interview you mentioned you can't really blame her. This was before comic book movies became as big as they are now, I mean I believe the last comic book movie before X-Men were the shumacker Batman films so at the time comic book movies were viweed as the lowest of the low. As a woman of colour in that time and having to appear in a movie with a stigma like that I understand her voicing her unhappiness in being given a role like that. And besides she has said countless times that she was happy being given the opportunity to play Storm and to appear in the X-Men films. I mean back in 2006 she was practically begging audiences to write to Fox for an X4.

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