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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
With it saying "Winter Soldier" right there in the title, I'm sure they're not going to try to go all M. Night Shamalamadingdong and try to save his identity for a "SHOCKING PLOT TWIST!!!" I figure they'll introduce WS first as the hit-man on ice, then have Cap start investigating him early in the movie, and probably discover that it's really Bucky by the end of Act I, say 20-30 minutes in. The middle of the movie will likely deal with Cap trying to break through to Bucky and reprogram him, just in time for them to team up against Zemo (or whoever) in the third reel.
Lol yeah I don't think Winter Soldiers identity will be hidden. I'd say the movie might even open with a awesome assassination carried out by a masked Winter Soldier whereby at the conclusion of the scene he reveals his identity to audience, enter title sequence.

Due to the complexity of the situation SHIELD is called in, with Cap being Cap, he just wants to get on the next mission, so Nick puts him on this, along with Sam Wilson and Sharon Carter.

Act 1 - trying to figure out what's going on, end of the act, first confrontation with Winter Soldier and Cap realizing its Bucky.

Enter Act 2 - Natasha is brought in, she offers up the necessary info on Winter Soldier's past, and just how deadly he is. However according to her intel, at the end of the Cold War, the soviets scrapped such Programs. WS was never again seen until now. Cap and Co then figure out what will WS next move might be, but then Crossbones intervenes, he just makes a mess of things!

Act 3 - Cap finds WS tries to get through to him, but this just puts WS into a world of confusion. leading to a Cap vs WS vs Crossbones! The fight gets interrupted by Zemo. Zemo realizes that WS is no longer of use to him, so he orders his men to freeze him once again. Throughout the film, SHIELD figure out that there was another party involved and the head of this group was led by Phoenix, but Zemo reveals his identity to Cap along with his personally vendetta to kill him. Falcon, Sharon and BW interrupt this, with Falcon taking on Crossbones. WS takes out the guards and frees himself. BW comes face to face with him, and the two face off. Cap goes after Zemo and they have little fight but His smart enough to know his beat, he detonates a bomb In there hideout and escapes with the promise to kill Cap. Cap finds the others and they all escape.

WS enters SHIELD custody, as Bucky still isn't all there.

Or something like that!

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