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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
... again it's not the cast size that makes the writing suck, it's the time spent and the script and way they are used. The X-men movies have imo been all about the script and very little about the cast.. and thus have been handled pretty poorly. The writers outline a script with the key players.. then shove everyone else into a void they need to fill to get the key players from point A to B. You don't have to do that... only choose cameos and characters that fit, not ones that are forced.

it's quite obvious they went "well we want to include ______ so lets force him in there even though it makes no sense what so ever"
X-Maniac proved my point very well and you can explain yourself all the time. But having more than 20 characters is not good for a movie. Even if the movie has a good writer and director, having too many characters will have a bad effect on the movie. Maybe if this is a TV series, it would work but no, this is a movie.

Originally Posted by Matt Mortem View Post
I never like Cudmore as Colossus. He seemed like too much of a derp for me. I also hate how they did him in X3. Making him a guy in a rubber suit was a no-go for me. They couldn't ever leave the camera on him long enough to make an impact.
I'm not a fan of re-casts, but they could definitely recast the actor who played Colossus in X2/x3 especially if they are gonna give Colossus character development and more substance in the movie. I don't think Daniel Cudmore is a good actor and he's hardly memorable as an actor, so I would be fine if they recast him.

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