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Default Re: Representation in Marvel

Marvel does feel anvilicious when approaching these issues. I mean, the new Captain Marvel totally isn't Rosie the Riveter. =p The problem with these issues in comics is just, well, making an issue out of it. When you make a spectacle out of things, it just feels awkward, like "Yeah yeah, I get it. Tolerance and all that crap. Can we get back to the story?" Really, I honestly feel like Marvel doesn't know how to make a good LBG character (Can't throw T in there, cause you have Mrs. Sinister and She-Thor XD).

I think pictures speak louder than words on this one, though.

Boring, forced and stupid.

Fun, funny, fabulous for all.

Course, then again it is still all better than giving The Flash the power to travel back in time and inadvertently make the original Green Lantern gay.

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