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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by elgaz View Post
Heat vision is one of Supe's more iconic powers, along with his flight and superstrength. I'd be very surprised if Snyder didn't include it. There's lots of stuff to come and still 6 months before the film is out, so don't assume absence of heat vision from this 2min trailer means it won't be there
Oh you are right and I'm not assuming anything just yet, but I have in fact had this feeling for a long time now (even discussed it here a few months back I think). Hopefully Im wrong. But the red trunks weren't less iconic than heat vision so I wouldn't assume that they would not get rid of it just on the premise of it being iconic. It's also more iconic to the CB readers than the GP. This movie could change that. But I won't get my hopes up. We'll see...

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