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Default Re: Hype-Time Achievement!

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
The problem is that you're campaigning for it. I don't really care and honestly? Don't deserve it. All my contributions to the awesomeness of the Hype has gone to the fringe end of the Hype, the comics section. I may pop into Community every now and then but the Comics forum is my home. It's where my Pansexual, pop philosopher personality shines. I think Darth should get it cuz, he's effin' Darth. Why he hasn't gotten it yet is a travesty in and of itself.
Hah! I find it funny that people took that post as campaigning. I was just being stupid. I campaign for nothing... ever. I can't stand campaigns.

I'm like you. I typically stick to the comics forums and only ocassionally travel to community, typically during Survivor season. I'm not expecting to get any nominations in this thread. There are a lot of others who deserve it more than me.

Also, I wouldn't go around taking credit for that Deathmatch and Survivor boos**t. It's because of you I get P.M.'s from people every other day asking me to vote for them, to which I immediately vote for the other guy cuz damn you for bugging me while I'm trying to come up with ****** jokes!
As I said before, I don't campaign. The last time I campaigned for anything was during a Survivor years ago when Kipobe was still playing. For those who remember, it was the one that I made the idiot move of including Kipobe in the Pm about blackmailing him

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