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Default Re: Hype-Time Achievement!

Originally Posted by JewishHobbit View Post
But are you campaigning? I'm not quite clear.
Haha, no. Campaigning would be pointless for me. Too many people dislike me. That being said, though they may dislike me, there is no denying I've been a central figure on this site for double the time that a good many of them have even been members. But campaigning for myself? Nah, such is pointless.

I campaigned for Dew last year. This year I campaign for Erz. I like Anubis, really I do (which probably surprises him). But as I said last year (I believe regarding him), there is a difference between a popular poster and a Hype legend (for whom this award is meant). Anubis is the former. Erz is the latter.

Next year I think I'll campaign for Toven.

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