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Default Re: Ultimate Spider-Man animated series discussion thread - Part 1

I actually liked the MTV series more than Ultimate Spider-Man. At least it was more mature, and I liked how it served as an "alternate sequel" to the 2002 film. The stories weren't that interesting, there were a lot of continuity errors, and most of the villains were made up for the show. However, I really loved the animation, Neil Patrick Harris was perfect as the voice of Peter Parker, and I feel that this series had so much potential. Too bad it was cancelled on a cliffhanger.

When you have the 1994 Animated series, Spectacular Spider-Man, the 1967 series, etc., and then you look at Ultimate Spider-Man, I feel like something went wrong. You would think that Marvel/Disney would make a show that is better than what Sony could do, but no. They "Disney-fied" him, and ruined his character. They make him look stupid, and too weak to be a hero. Yes, he's a kid, but he's also mature. Compare his portrayal to how he was in Spectacular Spider-Man.

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