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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
I think if Black Panther were there in the first one, it would have been a much shorter film he would have quietly sussed and bested Loki.
Man I love that guy. That's kinda how they did him on EMH. I'd love to see tons of him, but he kinda only needs twelve minutes of screen time to shine.

"Alright, that's done, so how do we find Lok-"
"I found him seven minutes ago. I did not want to interrupt your... bonding."

I'm Venom, for all his shenanigans, does bring up a good point, time does need to be taken to give Black Panther something to do. Most notably, I think his sensory abilities are far beyond what anyone else is working with, compounded with the spiritual aspect, he really is the ideal guy to find the problem, and indeed, that's how they used him in AvX in the comics... it turned out the problem was Tony.

I also think that a three way science conversation could be really interesting, especially if there's a lot of disagreement involved. It'd make all three look incredibly intelligent if they were winning each other to each other's side back and forth, developing a brilliant idea in the course of 45 seconds.

Also, he's *the* stealth character. Widow can be stealthy in comics, but in the movies she's a disguise character. BP would basically come off like he has a shadow teleport. Could be awesome.

But alas, not in Avengers 2. It looks like we'll have Falcon and some female heroine.

Can anyone give me any reason Falcon is awesome?

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