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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by BatmanBeyond View Post
Did you take a look at the context that was said in? It's very important, because if you would have, you'd know they were talking about people (namely Ralf Garman or what's his name) who base their dislike of the movie exclusively on the misguided perception that Bruce retired for 8 years because of Rachel's death.

In one of your previous posts, you specifically mentioned that that particular aspect is just one of the reasons you dislike TDKR, so I don't see why you feel insulted considering the original context of Anno Domini's line.
I said....I believe that Bruce quit being Batman because of Rachel's death.

I said there were other reasons beyond that....that made me dislike the movie.

So.....saying that Ralf (or whoever, I have no idea who he is) is STUPID because he thinks that Bruce quit being Batman because of Rachel's saying that ANYONE who has that opinion (which includes me) is stupid.

The whole point of my making my post was to put my opinion, that he and others call stupid, out there. Because others on here have that opinion also, but are afraid of being ganged up on by the rest of you guys.

Too many people on the Hype can not stand hearing someone say something contrary to the popular stand. They consider any deviation from the popular as trolling. You can have an opposite opinion without being a troll.

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