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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by Savage View Post
I thought it got everything right that the first movie didn't. Yeah, it got a crapload more wrong but I felt the things it did right outshown those. Plus Nick Cage made a friggin' buffet out of the scenary in that movie. It's like he came in thinking "You want acting?! I'll show you ****in' acting! I'll act the **** out of this movie! BLLLAAAARHG!!!"

...It Not to mention way more violent.

But that's enough derailing. Just wanted to show that there's people out there who do like Ghost Rider 2 (If only for ALL the wrong reasons).
Off-topic, but is that Jesse Hughes in your avy?

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When you're a show that has the writer of The Dark Knight, Jesus, Ben Linus and produced by JJ Abrams, it's hard to get cancelled.'s Bat Battle:
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