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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by MAKAVELI25 View Post
But to me it doesn't ring true for a main Nolan villain. We were even given a solid reason why Scarecrow (a minor villain by anyone's standard) does what he does, He looks to see the reversal of power/fear. Nolan managed to show us what motivates the Joker to do what he does without even showing us any backstory. Why so much ambiguity with Bane? Even in the last few minutes of Tate's life when she is revealed to be Talia, her reasoning is shown more effectively than Bane's throughout the whole movie. I've said before that it is because Bane is just a poorly written character and I stand by it. It doesn't make sense for Nolan to have clearly stated a motivation for every single villain in the trilogy and all of a sudden NOT do it for Bane.
I think it does make sense, when this villain is specifically meant to be a dark mirror of what Bruce Wayne could have become. None of the other villains represent that evil doppleganger archetype. It even draws upon them having a common father figure. This paves the way for a lot more implication and subtlety.

What's funny is, while we're not spoonfed Bane's philosophy the way the are with the other villains, we actually get a large chunk of his life story. So in a way I feel like I know and understand Bane better than the other villains.

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That's kind of surprising. I'm sure that, as a moderator, you've noticed that there are lots of users who have no trouble in making their dissatisfactions with the movie known, sometimes in more than one thread.
My thoughts exactly, haha.

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