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Default Re: Superman Man of Steel (2013) Alien Viral Campaign Launched!

Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
Until TDKR, in which the movie becomes rather bipolar in terms of his intelligence level. On one hand, he knows all about fingerprint powders, programming complex searches, and can reprogram autopilot software. On the other hand, he needs Fox to analyze stock market trades and for something as simple as figuring out what sort of detonator Bane is using and how to block it.
Actually that all rather made sense to me. I mean it's not like he cared to learn about analyzing stocks as it didn't enhance his crime-fighting skills. As far as the detonator I'm sure he only had limited knowledge of detonation and militaristic devices of that nature and he was kind of short on time and needed to focus on other things.

The fingerprinting powders made sense because he was sort of a "detective" and the computer stuff also sense he had enough time to browse the web lol.

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