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Default Re: Hype-Time Achievement!

Eh, I'm still not convinced. There are more deserving in my opinion.

If we're taking survivor stuff into account... what's his name who actually started them? And didn't I hear somewhere that Survivor was about to die if not for Brodie or someone who got them going again before others shared the load? I might be remembering that wrong though. And if we're talking hosting and winning then Spider-Fan and Matt deserves it far more (also with them being mods and doing extra in that way). Honestly, if no for SF and Matt then Survivor would have likely died out in the past three or four years. And at least with SF and Matt, they've not been banned, lasted WAY longer than Toven, still contribute, and have never been crappy enough to get banned.

Yeah, I liked her alright but if there's a big push for Toven next year I'll probably push back with people who I feel is more deserving.


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