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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

I could never get behind calling it a disappointing piece altogether. There were too many aspects of the movie that entertained, impressed, enthralled, moved and inspired me to ever label this movie some kind of failure. I mean there are several moments in the film that downright give me chills every single time and the ending really hits home and gets me choked up, so it's a very gut-level thing for me. The fact that the film features easily the most most outstanding cinematography and score of the trilogy, along with Bale's best performance (all IMO) certainly doesn't hurt when it comes to keeping me immersed in its world.

But, to each their own. Disappointment can only be derived from expectation, and I think because these movies are so many things at once, there were so many different types of expectations, which in turn led to wildly different reactions. It's only natural.

As of now I'm leaning towards this being my personal favorite of the trilogy, even though I see TDK as being the leaner, meaner piece of filmmaking.

I would certainly agree that however one is to rank the movies, the trilogy as a whole body of work deserves recognition for what it accomplished. If you're a Batman fan (one who appreciated Nolan's overall vision anyway...), I think you just have to stop and appreciate for a moment how lucky you are. There are so many fans of other characters and franchises that would love nothing more than to see the object of their fandom get the same kind of treatment and respect, and have the same kind of impact. And no doubt, it's set a benchmark that other franchise filmmakers are aspiring for now, Skyfall just being the latest example.

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