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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

I respect your opinion KalMart, and I think you have a very level-headed and unbiased assessment of the film. As I said, a lot of my reaction to it is emotional and visceral, which is hard for me to discount because I think that is largely what the film was aiming for. It did play into a lot of the conventional trappings of "the third movie", but for me, a lot of these elements were more enjoyable than they might otherwise have been in the hands of Nolan. I do think you're right that he tried extra hard to make it clear that this was a definitive ending, because of the ongoing nature of Batman in general and the natural expectation for there to always be a sequel. At the same time, I enjoyed that this was the first cinematic Batman universe where the events of each film carry real weight into the subsequent films, rather than everything being in some kind of vague continuity like the previous franchise.

It's biggest flaw is being overly ambitious, and I say this about a lot of overly ambitious films- that's my favorite flaw for a movie to have. I'd rather a movie of this scale be so large and ambitious that it leaves me wanting a little more, rather than be left with the feeling that the filmmakers didn't challenge themselves or the audience enough. And to be honest, both Batman Begins and TDK had that super tight, packed to the brim, almost montage-esque feel to them in places, that I felt like I was prepared for TDKR to go there when it sought out to encompass such a large canvas. Nolan talks a lot about films like Blade Runner and Star Wars that create an entire world that's off the screen and for me, TDKR really did that.

Originally Posted by JDonaldD View Post
Yeah, I think there's enough in the movie to suggest Bane really hated the structure of Gotham. He could have done anything in the 5 months leading up to the detonation, he chose the revolution. What I think is interesting is that if the bomb were to go off, to the outside world it would look like a Gothamite blew the city up and failed the test. It would not only destroy most of Gotham but would be pretty soul crushing to the rest of the country. Imagine if this happened in NY and everyone else thought some random citizen pushed the button. It's similar to Joker's test at the end of TDK but Bane insured that the people would fail.
That's precisely my take on it. Bane and the LOS had 5 months to do whatever the heck they wanted to Gotham. There were other ways they could have tortured Bruce and brought chaos to the city, but they specifically chose a class revolution. To say that they put no consideration into how this would look to the rest of the country and the world undermines the deviousness and evil of their plan, and also neglects the way Ra's wanted the rest of the world to watch Gotham destroy itself in Begins.

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