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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Par

Originally Posted by Electrix View Post
I suppose they could age Zoe Saldana a bit but having a younger Storm appear in Days of Future Past makes no sense. Saldana is just the wrong age to play either version of Storm (70s/future) and even if she played Storm she'd still be at the mercy of the script like Halle was.

Recasting future Storm also defeats one of the main selling points of Days of Future Past. It's supposed to be original cast meets new cast, and dropping new folks in would ruin that. This isn't a Hulk situation, Halle has played Storm for 3 movies and it would be a noticeable recast. Halle, along with Jackman, McKellen, Stewart and Janssen, were the faces of the original trilogy. Not having them in DOFP would make it less eventful.

Halle for future Storm or no one. Cast a younger Storm for the 70s if the story calls for it.
Yes I completely agree! People always wondered why Angela Basset turned down the role of storm back in the late nineties. She had read the script and realised that Storm's character beared very little resemblance to that of the comic book character which Angela was aware of.

Halle only did X-Men because she was a black actress that was relatively new in the movie industry. She most likely would not have returned for X2 if she wasn't already contractually obliged. The thing is that by X2 halle had read the comic book (actors were not allowed to read the comics for bryan's X-men) and realised her character was so much better than the movie version and now with a higher profile she tried to get a better role which led to slight tensions between herself and Singer. The rest is history.

Whoever played storm would have had to portray the character the way the script says. Angela would have had to play the same Storm that would have had to deliver that very bad toad line. In fact i wouldn't be surprised if people were hating on Angela the way they have been hating on halle since 2000's x-men.

I also agree with your point about Halle, Famke, hugh, Ian, Patrick being the faces of the X-Men trilogy. Can't have a proper x-men reunion if Zoe saldana who is significantly younger than the rest of the cast and would probably stick out like a sore thumb. They have more to gain with including Halle than recasting her.

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