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Default Re: The Secret Identity Question

Originally Posted by DieSmiling View Post
Watching the trailer I started to get the vibe that they might ditch the "secret identity" of Clark Kent, reporter all together. All the talk of hiding his powers because people wouldn't understand (and subsequent question of whether they were ready to accept him) brought to the forefront something I had already been thinking about -- that in a "real world" Superman, the glasses/hairdo thing simply doesn't cut it. You just can't logically explain why people don't immediately look at him and know who he is.

What do people think? Am I right? Wrong? How would you feel about going the "Iron Man route" and just ditching the secret identity all together?

Mods, if this isn't deserving of it's own thread feel free to merge it with an appropriate one, I just wanted to get people's thoughts on this.

You haven't seen the ComicCon footage have you???

My father believed, if the world found out who I really was, they'd reject me...out of fear. He was convinced that the world wasn't ready. What do you think?

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