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Default Re: What would you have done differently with Arrow?

Originally Posted by Justin View Post
I know this is a comic book forum and my opinion probably isn't the same as all of yours (although i do respect them), but I genuinely think people need to seperate the Green Arrow from the comics and "Arrow" from the TV show and then you would see it in a different light. This is a complete reimagining and they have artistic license to adapt it how they want, this is not "Green Arrow" the TV show imho.

For someone that knew little of the green arrow prior to this show, I can honestly say it is the best show on TV, episodes so far between 8/10-10/10. I see why people get upset about character changes etc, but if you can look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, you'll see the show is imaginative, creative, and just generally better than most things on TV right now.

The only thing I'd change would be to speed up some of the soap opera stuff. But having said that, if they're planning to go 5 or more seasons, I can see exactly why it's such a slow burn, because when Tommy Merlyn for example finally does something, we will know exactly why and how, and it will be that much more rewarding for all the build up.
I dunno... given the channel and some of the demographics the show is targeting, stretching out the soap opera bits might actually be more beneficial to the show.

That being said, I agree in that there is much room for improvement in that department. For instance, the problem with Laurel and Tommy is that they currently aren't particularly well integrated into the story; especially Tommy. Yes, we know Laurel+Oliver is supposed to be end game but we aren't really seeing much of that; and what we have doesn't really have much meat.

With all that in mind, some of the things I'd have done differently include:

I'd have combined Laurel and her father into one character; making Laurel a rookie detective in SCPD:
  • At the moment, both Laurel and Quentin feel pretty one note. Likewise, there really isn't any reason why Oliver isn't pursuing Laurel since he still cares for her. Both these issues can be solved by combining the two Lances into one character - namely Detective Laurel Lance.
  • This would provide the necessary complication to keep Oliver/Laurel apart since Laurel is a cop while Oliver is secretly a (criminal) vigilante. It would be set such that Oliver decides not to restart a relationship with Laurel lest she finds out about his vigilante activities and doesn't want to put her in that position. Obviously, Diggs calls bull on it and questions whether it's more that Oliver is afraid she'd choose her job and the law over him.
  • And if she does wind up in a relationship with Oliver and does find out about him being the vigilante, it would place Laurel in a dilemma. Meaning, the show wouldn't have to drag out the will they/won't they phase of the relationship as there are still dramatic twists and developments that can be explored post-hookup.
  • In addition, it provides a more logical basis for Laurel's fighting abilities if they do decide to pursue turning her into the Black Canary.
  • As a plus, instead of some random comment about wearing fishnets one Halloween, the Black Canary reference be along the lines of where Oliver or Tommy pays her a visit at her workplace and comments on her sensible/practical clothes (since they normally only see her during social events). At which point she retorts with, "What were you expecting? That I run around fighting crime in fishnets?"
If the whole legal aid angle is still necessary, have Tommy fill Laurel's place as a lawyer.
  • He'd still be a hard-partying billionaire playboy. Only now, he's a hard-partying, billionaire playboy who 'selflessly protects the poor and helpless'. I think this would have helped add depth to his character. Besides, douchebags with hearts of gold are always fun and interesting. Especially ones who can turn their selfless streak into a pickup line.
  • Papa Merlyn's cutting him off would play a more dramatic plot point by forcing Tommy to close the legal aid office or to search for alternative sources of money.
  • In addition, it would also be a ploy by his father to start getting Tommy involved in the conspiracy he has going; by making Tommy work as a lawyer to protect the conspiracy's corrupt members.

Unrelated to Laurel and Tommy, I'd also make one change to Thea's story arc. Namely, to focus on her drinking and drug problem and develop it in this way:

  • That she's simply mirroring old Oliver's behaviour.
  • This places Oliver in a dilemma. On the one hand, he needs his partying image to maintain his secret identity. On the other, he wants to be a better role model for his sister. Telling her to stop her behaviour while he himself seemingly indulges in it would be seen as hypocritical.

Also, while on the subject on Thea, I'd also have upped her age slightly from 17 to 18.
  • This way, they don't have to touch on her moving out and going to college since she'd already be studying at a university in Startling City.
  • This reduces the Fridge Logic of how Thea is able to be at home and involved in the story as opposed to being at school. If she's studying at university, she probably has fewer/more flexible schedule. Likewise, how she keeps getting into clubs and whatnot. I reckon bouncers are likelier to turn a blind eye towards letting in someone who's below drinking age versus outright jailbait.
  • The only down side is that no more 'Thea dressed in a school uniform' scenes, which would be a shame.

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