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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Okay. Didn't realize this thread existed. But if there were ever a MoE or, as many have deemed a fitting title "Masters," in the MCU, these are the ones I'd choose.

Baron Zemo
Radioactive Man (probably just called "Doctor" or "Dr. Lu/Wu")
Enchantress (only ever called Amora)

And their goal would be to use Ultron tech to roundly destroy The Avengers. So the first half of the movie shows those 4 using misdirection and cutthroat tactics to hijack and unleash Ultron. Using Lu/Wu's knowledge of A.I. and Amora's access to the Infinity Gem of Power. Midway through the film, Ultron causes devastation on both sides. Usurping and potentially killing Zemo, breaking Henry Pym's heart, spirit and potentially mental state and leading the Masters in a final confrontation against The Avengers.

Gives all of The Avengers reason (once again and without the coercion of SHIELD) to gather and respond to a threat believably dangerous enough to require a full team of superheroes.

(Baron Zemo?)
Radioactive Man


Captain America
Iron Man
Ant-Man? (depending on mental state)

Black Widow is not called in, due to her lack of appropriate skill set. This is a personal opinion of course.

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