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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Par

Originally Posted by Electrix View Post
No, Zoe doesn't look much like Storm. She's the only other high-profile darker skinned actress (Puerto Rican/Dominican) appearing in movies. It's lazy casting, but it's the casting that got Halle the role over a decade ago, so.
Halle's complexion, etc., is fine. She has "the look" required.

Halle's challenges stemmed from 1.) bad writing (which is why Simon Kinberg being attached to this project gives me shudders), 2.) cosmetics--they kept putting this powdery finish on her face, making her a LOT fair complexioned in the films than she is in real life (the wig looked its best in the X3 with the black and gray roots--It at least looked natural) and 3.) a soft voice Nothing can be done about No. 3. That's a Halle-unique issue. But in terms of looks, she's no better or worse than Zoe or whatever. For a woman, Halle is not exactly a shortie. She's what, 5'8? Put her in heels and she's easily got the 5'11 needed.

In my opinion, if X3 did anything right, it got Storm's attitude and "Goddess of Fury" aspect in check for once. She was not the doormat of the prior films...she was finally flying, spinning and kicking/frying a lot of ass.

AND she clearly has a lot of love for Bryan Singer as this last inteview regarding her thoughts on Brett Ratner taking over shows:

"I donĀ¹t think any of us thought there would be a franchise without [Bryan]," she said. "I mean, we thought, 'There's no way they would do 3 without him.' So when we had to wrap our brains around, yes, in fact, he was not going to direct, it was a very confusing time. Some of us not knowing if we were coming back or not, for various reasons. [Brett] had big shoes to fill.

Bryan is an amazing director and did a great job with the series, so there was a lot of pressure and question if he could do it."
So I really don't think she'd be against it. The question is, will it make sense for the film? And will Bryan have the sense to get her back involved--and do the character right?

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