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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by M-2 View Post
U not a troll, this is a good post. I wonder will they introduce as Falcon with wings when he makes his first appearance or will they keep the wings for the third act of the film?

Maybe the Wings will be part of some elaborate armor, with thrusters, weapons gadgets and some sort of power source (since Tony refuses to share his beloved arc reactor technology). The Wings would basically be for stabilization, ease of flight and maneuvering, with the thrust providing the speed and agility. Sam basically gets the prototype as the suit is expensive and there aren't many Agents willing to die trying to fly this thing. Sam would make it is own by continuously upgrading, repairing and removing certain components, even adding a little color. No one can fly Sam's suit because of all his tinkering, and its really SAM's audacious daring flying that makes him the perfect "Falcon".
If Sam is with SHIELD in the movie, I suppose his gear is powered by either Chitauri technology or reverse engineered Destroyer armor technology, the wings can easily explained as derivates from Chitauri biotechnology. New York has changed the MCU, a lot more things are possible now..

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