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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Par

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
LOL, are you kidding? Halle would definitely agree to it. A lot of time has passed and she has not been very successful of late in terms of new film projects. She needs this blockbuster right about now. I am not worried about that. What I'm concerned with is setting the "Storm Ship" properly with this reboot/no-it's-a-remake/X3 write-off/whatever-it-is. This is a MAJOR opportunity for this particular character, along with Cyclops and Jean to be "corrected" once and for all.

I guess what I was proposing was introducing Zoe (or Thandie or any other capable actress) as Storm for the "flashback" aspect and for that new actress to grow up with the new "First Class" franchise. Halle's Storm doesn't have to be in the future scenes along with Stewart or McKellan unless the story really calls for it.

In other words, Halle Berry is not an essential for this next film just to justify Storm's presence. Not ALL of the past X-Men need to meet their Futures, ya know?
I understand your point but following your logic there really isn't really any reason to justify the presence of any other returning cast members as they could just age mcavoy and fassbender with make-up as well as the rest of the first class cast. None of the original actors nor their characters are essential to DOFP.

Your idea of introducing young storm would work if this movie was set in the eighties, which is very unlikely. If storm is going to be in this movie it will most likely be an adult storm in the future and if it is then it makes the most sense for Halle Berry to be playing her.

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