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Default Re: How will Clark being found by the Kents be handled?

Originally Posted by GreenKToo View Post
I like could open with an already established superman...we see him take out some bankrobbers or something similar. after, we see him fly up to the top of a building and give the pose that we all know...he looks out over metropolis, we see lexcorp and star labs off in the distance....silence except for the wind..
we hear a voiceover by him start and we are transported to the past and krypton.
imho, no thanks. i don't want the entire movie as a flashback. start somewhere in clark's journey towards becoming superman, add in flashbacks to flesh out his character and build a connection with the audience, then continue moving forward, and have his big reveal/battle be the climax of the movie.

i never enjoyed movies or tv shows where the journey's already ended and they push the narrative forward with a "x years ago" plot device.

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