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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

American maid, you said this

This aspect that Loki perceives his actions to be for the good of Asgard is one that I had not considered in my earlier posts. I can see how Loki feels that way. His analysis is not completely correct of course (though not completely incorrect, either, as your example of Thor's tantrum shows).

And as you point out, Thor's exile comes over similar actions. (Of course, Loki did goad him a bit there.)
yes yes. Loki has always cared for the well being of asgard, in his own way. Again, the simonson run shows it as well. His reasons for joining his father and brother against surtur, he has his own reasons, but simply, it is for the well being of his home

again, that, Siege of Asgard, and Thor lord of Midgard. perfect examples of how Loki's intentions are completely for the good of asgard, what he thinks is good for it, and it turns out obviously his analysis is incorrect. Obviously, since asgard gets destroyed in one of them.

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