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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
personally, I am on your side on this whole debate.

but could you do me a favor and ellaborate a bit on the part I bolded?
Yeah, I'll elaborate: disregard the items in bold, for the most part.

There's been recent news that shoots down the whole Chen Lu rumor altogether, so there's not gonna be a Chen Lu, or a Radioactive Man, or a group of Chinese armored heroes attached to Chen Lu. Again: disregard.

Firepower: still up in the air. Ashley Hamilton was supposedly cast as Jack Taggert (Firepower) a long time ago, but we haven't heard the first inkling about that yet. So, this late in the game, I'm inclined to believe that rumor went belly up, too.

Coldblood: is definitely in it. But the jury is still out on what he'll look like, because the only images we've seen of JBD so far are in an air force dress uniform. I *suspect* he takes on Mallen's role from the Extremis comic series, in which case he may well just look like an ordinary guy (but with Extremis-ized superpowers).


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