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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by Joeyjojo72 View Post
well you answered my question. thats my guess as well.

I think they need to revamp the Falcon to make him believable within the MCU. A mechanical harness aint gonna cut it.

Plus they need to explain why flappable wings are better than, say, a supersonic battle suit (Stark isnt the only game in town btw). Furthermore, wouldnt a regular guy with huge wings be a sitting duck for rockets, lasers, gunfire, aircraft,etc.? Im extremely curious to find out how they're gonna make it work.

And no, "light wings" would actually be much much worse.

I'm not a troll btw. I like Sam Wilson as a character, and i think his skill set is a good complement to Cap as well the Avengers and SHIELD. But I dont think the character works "as is" in the MCU.

I expect some major changes to his "powers" and equipment when we see him in Cap 2.
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Robotic Bird Takes Flight

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