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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by CJ View Post
DACrowe, your posts seem to imply a smug sense of film-snobbery.

"Oh how cute! You watch Batman movies for BATMAN!

I, however, am more refined. I like to watch the deep and complex personality of Bruce Wayne, as he develops through Christopher Nolan's.. masterpiece of a film trilogy.

Christian Bale gives an EXQUISITE performance as Bruce Wayne. It is a crime that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have not given this man an Oscar for his contributions to this amazing piece of cinematic perfection.

I love watching his character develop through his business affairs at Wayne enterprises, his benefit for the re-election of Harvey Dent as Gotham's district attorney, his clean energy program that would benefit the city of Gotham, and his charitable efforts.

But of course, YOU PEOPLE wouldn't like a Batman movie for something so.. how shall I say.. "above" your intelligence level. You're the type of person who watches Batman movies for a silly man in a cape who exchanges blows with a psychopath in a clown outfit, staring the screen drooling like a neanderthal whenever the Batmobile shows up and cheering like a buffoon at every explosion that occurs onscreen.

It doesn't surprise me that you're clamoring for more Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. You simply don't understand Nolan's vision in the way that I do.

Might I recommend Michael Bay's Transformers? Those movies seem like something more suited for your.. "tastes"

Besides revealing the personality of a smug poster who is really bad at comedy writing, that was a really, really stupid post.

Because I say what's wrong with the movie focusing on the character out of costume as much (or more) in costume, I'm an...elitist. <shudders>

No, my point is whether he is in costume or not, it is the same character we've been following for three films. The only time he isn't "The Dark Knight" (whether in costume or not) are the scenes where he plays Bruce Wayne: Playboy Billionaire which are barely even in TDKR. It is about the protagonist's journey and I didn't really notice he wasn't in the costume a lot. If that makes me a snob not to care, I guess pass the wine and cheese. At least, it is better than being someone who is so insecure about his own opinion he has some random anti-intellectual need to project disdain at random strangers.

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