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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by CJ View Post
Let me ask you this: When the trailers for this movie came out, tell me, were you more pumped for the scenes of Bruce Wayne as a recluse, or his battles with Bane?

Were you more excited to see scenes of Bruce talking with Alfred? (I admit those scenes are good though) or did you want to see Batman's first meeting with Catwoman?

Were you more excited to see the epic finale, telling us how Batman's journey would end, or did you just want to see Bruce sitting in the pit?
Honestly...I was pumped for all of it. I can indeed say I was pumped to watch Bruce rebuild himself physically and spiritually in the pit. From the first teaser, I became intrigued as to why Bruce was doing pushups in a prison and wanted to find out more. I was as interested to see how Bruce was coping 8 years after the events of TDK as I was to see him fight Bane. The whole package excited me.

I'm all for more Batman, it's just that I enjoyed the Bruce Wayne moments too much to notice, and I feel Bale really excelled in them and embodied the emotional core of the movie. The climb out of the pit is by far my favorite scene of the whole film. I enjoyed how Batman had a mythical quality in this film and felt like a larger than life presence when he was on screen. The return chase scene is among my favorite Batman moments in any movie. But when you take him out of the costume and out of his element for an extended period of time, reducing him back to being just a man, there's a whole other emotional world that you can explore and I'm glad TDKR went there. I suppose it'd be one thing if I wasn't pleased with the Batman scenes that there were, but I loved them all. It left me wanting more, in a good way.

Of course, everyone will have their preferences and expectations and that's fine. It's not the first time a Batman film has been accused of not featuring the title character enough, as Burton got a lot of flak with that for Batman Returns . I was actually shocked to learn how little screen time Batman clocked in for TDKR, cause it didn't feel that way to me. And that to me, is a testament to how engrossed I was in the story. I never felt myself getting impatient for Batman's next appearance. So it does become kind of hard for me to fret too much over how many actual minutes we got.

It's a different story if one didn't care for the movie as much though.

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