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Default Re: How will Clark being found by the Kents be handled?

Originally Posted by A&W View Post
There are illegal immigrants with driver's liscenses who go to college and even work in journalism. One went public. He works for time magazine. He is on the cover of the issue American in every way except one
My mistake. I didn't realize American laws were that lax. Here, in Canada, you need a birth certificate or passport and visa to get things like driver's licences or apply to university. I assumed that the US paranoia over illegal immigration would mean that your laws would probably be tougher. However, I still don't think the comparison works. The Kents need to explain the child somehow. If it is passed off as the child of a relative, there still needs to be documentation. If they claim that it is their child after even a secret miscarriage, the local hospital would know that the jig is up because of their records.

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