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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

I noticed Batman kicks Bane through the glass and sends him flying. I wonder if this means Batman uses that leg brace for extra strength?

I noticed a slot on the batpod where the emp gun is resting.

I noticed that when Batman is surrounded by police the first time, he turns his bike around slowly and you can see the wheel rotating horizontally. I thought that was just when he turned sharp corners not whenever the batpod turns.

I noticed the grapple gun pulling the guy off the bike. Originally I saw him just sucked up like the bad guys in Begins, creating a sense that Batman is more than a man.

I realised that Banes lair is similar to The batcave, being underground and with a waterfall.

I actually didn't notice Batman evading all the missiles by guiding back to the camo tumbler.

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