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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Some of the reasons I think David Oyelowo would be good in the role is because not only is he a good actor with a career on the up but he also can bring alot to the role from his own real life. Oyelowo is the son of a real Nigerian Prince. Oyelowo also played King Henry 6th for the Royal Shakespeare Company and like T'Challa went to Oxford.

Oyelowo's versatility, in turn, surely stems from his extraordinary childhood - from the grimy Holloway Road in London to a region of Nigeria in which, it turns out, his family have royal blood. The name Oyelowo means '"A King Deserves Respect', he says. "My dad would tell me this when I was a child, but I didn't believe him. I was born in this country, and the only royal family I knew was the British one. Then we went back to Nigeria and lived on Oyelowo Street, and I found it was all true."

His dad, a prince, came to Britain in the Sixties. "He wanted a good education, so he headed straight for Oxford." On a trip home to Africa he fell in love with Oyelowo's mum and back in England, they lived at first on a council estate in Tooting Bec. "It's true there are a lot of royal families in Nigeria," he concedes. "They're kind of a dime a dozen really. So it's not like being the King of England, but more" - he pauses and laughs - "like being the King of Islington."

Was it a comfortable existence, being royal? "Not really. I mean my extended family are well off, but my dad didn't want to sponge off them. All my parents' money was pumped into private schooling for me and my two brothers. So we had a middle class kind of life, but a very working class kind of existence.

"In the day we'd be sent to school alongside the sons of presidents, and then we went home to a tiny two bedroom apartment. Education was everything to my father." It wasn't idyllic, by any means, he says.

He would like, for example, Hollywood's current exploration of Africa, including The Last King of Scotland, to tell stories through the eyes of Africans, for a change, rather than from the viewpoint of white middle class men 'crowbarred' into the plot

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