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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Wow , toy manufactures ? Film snob ? Rip off ?

Hilarious to say the least.

Reading this board is kinda clear why american movie industry produces the movies it makes. There's little to no space , trying to create well developed , dramatic thematic stories , that take itself seriously and respect the characters. No. People want Batman just kicking some one. Who cares for the fundamental conflict of Bruce Wayne. His legacy. His sacrifice. Naaaah. I dont know why you guys complain so much , considering 99% of blockbusters are that sort of garbage you describe. At least , let us have the 1%. Good movies , that have something to tell.

Watch more movies , especially outside your little bubble. You will find great gems. This has been a fantastic year for worldwide cinema. Celebrate that by watching them.

Rises is a monumental achievement , considering the industry where its made. A movie that tries to push the limits of the genre. I can't even comment that.

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