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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Look at it this way. What gives him the right to decide how humanity lives? Unless that is what you mean by "doing it wrong".
Yes. He does not have the right to make the decision to subjugate humanity and force them into peace under his thumb, that is doing it wrong. But at the same time, in a way isn't that what Daddy Odin has been doing for all the 9 realms? And didn't big brother go down to Jotunheim with those same intentions of making them fall under his thumb and fear him. So he is following by example, what he does is really not all that different from what he sees Odin and Thor do in those situations.
And there will always be those who say that "what gives you the right to decide?" etc etc... but in truth, we do need order and someone needs to create that order. We cannot rely upon ourselves with no rules or police or leaders and just live in peace. It's just not possible for humanity (at least not at this stage in our evolution). How that order is gone about, and the morals of the leaders that put that order into effect is more where problems and evil can arise from, than having someone want to lead and bring peace and order in itself. In fact I think that desire in itself is the opposite of evil.

regarding loki's motives for thor 1, I am going to ignore that part of the post. We've been in that debate before, you see it your way, i see it my way, so it's pointless to debate that, So I am not even going to say anything. and I am SURE you agree to leave it at that lol
LOL! Yeah, I was trying to ignore some stuff of yours as well for that reason. I'm getting tired of arguing about it, you think what you think, and I think what I think, and rarely the twain shall meet.

I did agree with what you were saying about him taking some pleasure in fear, and equating fear to respect (since he can't get respect through love, then through fear)... but also Thor equates fear with respect in the beginning of Thor 1. and that is an evil element.

However, for the most of it, i think you generally hit the nail on the head. Loki's actions sometimes are for what he believes is the best well being of as asgard. Granted he ends up being wrong, but in his own eyes, its for what he believes is best for asgard. "protect asgard from thor's idiotic rule for much longer"...TIMEOUT

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