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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

sorry for the multi posts, trying to deal with certain thoughts all at once, rather than jump around.

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
The maddening irony is that they still consider him a brother, a son, and they all tell him so. But he cannot accept that. Could he accept it in the future?
One issue is in order for Loki to get the respect and love from Odin he desires, and be considered worthy, he must change how he goes about his good intentions. Loki definitely thinks two wrongs make a right, and the end justifies the means, but I'm sure Odin would not agree. So I think in order for Loki to get the approval he craves, he's got to do something good, and do it in the right away, so that Odin does approve and has a chance to show Loki that. And that is a question, whether Loki is capable of pulling that off, doing something right, and doing it with honorable methods? And not only that can he do it without the clichéd old, the character must sacrifice his life in order to redeem himself? Because that is very clichéd story element and I don't want to see Loki die like that. I want to see something new!

Now one of my favorite villain redemption arcs of all time was Faith in Buffy. Interestingly it was the moment where she and Buffy switched bodies, and Faith got a taste of some of the things she was missing in her life that really spelled the end of Faith as a villain. They switched bodies and Faith found out what it was like to be loved and respected and the hero, and depended upon, and loved by a man, not just being used for sex... all that stuff combined, she began to realize that's what she'd been missing. She still did some bad stuff after that, but that is when stuff started to eat away at her, things she'd done etc. and she started to not be able to live with herself. The big climax happening on Angel where she basically collapses on the ground sobbing begging Angel to kill her (been a while since I've watched but this is near what happens)... but Angel won't kill her because he realizes by now that she is conflicted and there is hope for her. She winds up getting some peace of mind by going back to jail and doing her time. Then later having to break out of jail in order to fight with Buffy and the gang and act as a hero. Something like this, in that vein, is what I'd like to see with Loki. The character needs to see and feel that he's done wrong in order to be properly redeemed. not just a spur of the moment, oh I guess I'll do good now and sacrifice/ redeem myself thing.

Now that the events of The Avengers have happened, he can't be privileged royalty now. And he has hurt his family, so those relationships have changed. But I think they still consider him part of the family, after all this. (It would be like the scenario I mentioned a while back of family members traveling to see their loved ones in prison.) But maybe he could not bring himself to accept that, because he had been living a lie all these years. So maybe his solace must come from somewhere else. (I'm still mulling over this, so I would be receptive to a compelling case to the contrary.)

Yes. What can that be? Can Loki quench this thirst? Can he come to the point where he feels he is worthwhile? Is it achievable?
as far as him having an "unquenchable thirst" for revenge on Thor. I think that is really putting him back into the pure evil 1 dimensional villain box again, and I really don't think they want to do that with him. A good chunk of the audience have become emotionally invested in that character, and would be pretty upset if he just became a completely evil bad guy with no humanity left. They also want to keep these characters relatable, and pure evil is not very relatable.

I think There will be something that will quench that thirst, and put an end to the madness, maybe in Thor 2, but certainly by the end of the series. What that will be I don't know. I think Loki needs that self worth and place in the world, and if he's able to find it then that may allow him to leg go of that hate, but I don't feel that his family can provide it for him. If anyone who is already MCU established, that would be Frigga since he does not appear to hate her, and has no reason to really. Other than that, again possibly a story with Sigyn could send him in that direction but as I've stated they'd have to be really really careful how they told and and definitely make some serious changes with how that relationship was depicted in the comics in order to not send a dangerous message.

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