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Default Re: Transformers 4 is going to be AWESOME.

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Steven Speilberg's name is on Transformers as well, It's even higher up the chain under the title of executive(executives are notorious for pulling their choke chains and ruining creativity in hollywood, cause get this, they have final say on such things). I guess that makes Spielberg more responsible than Bay for the evil garbage known as Bayformers.

Oh but wait, he's just a producer, unlike the director(bay) he doesn't really input all that much into the story, that's the director(writers a little bit too), right?

hmmm, I wonder, is bay also directing the future ninja turtles crap. No, he's what? Executive mean the way blameless Spielberg was just producing on those dreadful transformers films and get's zero blame for, cause he wasn't directing(let alone writing)...

You can't have it both ways dude. Pick a side.
There are writers who are responsible for story, there is a composer whom is responsible for the score, and there is such as thing called mandate power, for all it's worth.
again, you wanna act like Bay does not have total control of TFers, and we all know Speilberg had/has very little to do with TFers beside having his name in the credits. If you wanna have a little smile on your face, then if Bay is only on the turtles movie in name alone, then he is not responsible for the issues they been having, but since he has (or had been) blogging about the movie, and telling concern fans to calm down, something tells me he will be more involved in the turtles movie then Speilberg was for TFs.

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