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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Par

Cyclops and Jean are unlikely Inless Bryan Is able to throw out the Last Stand or film ends with time traveler returning to discover future has changed and events of Last Stand has been removed because of time travel.

The problem with getting Ellen Page as Kitty Is bryan may only want to use actors for future scenes he cast In X-Men or X2.Plus Kitty's role could be taken by Rogue.I liked
Ellen as Kitty so even If Bryan removed Last Stand I would have no trouble with her as Kitty here(hey they keep Judi Dench on as M In first 3 of rebooted james Bond film)

I have feeling we are looking at 3,or 4 more of original films actors to Join Patrick Stewert,Ian Mckellen,and Hugh jackman In future scenes.

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