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Angry Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
So many many wonderful layers to MCU Loki, so much going on in that head of his. Branding him as just selfish, jealous, power hungry or evil is really not the whole story. Aspects of that, of course but that is not a complete picture of the character at all.
I love complex psychological studies, especially those of characters whose minds are like "bags of cats".

To quote Tom, "every villain is a hero in his own mind" and this is especially true of Loki. Loki believes he knows best, and that is a large part of what drives him in these two films. Is it evil to believe that he can lead the Midgardians into an age of peace just as what his father wanted him to do with the Frost Giants? No, of course that's not evil. not at all. If however one goes about it, in a very misguided "the end justifies the means" kind of way, as Loki does, then that's where the evil acts come in. But that driving force of it is not simply power hungry or hateful or evil on it's own, it's sprung from good intention, and a very relatable intention that I believe most of us would have, but then it is acted on in a misguided, wrong, wrong, wrong, way. Much the same way that Thor at the beginning of Thor 1 acts on his intention of protecting Asgard in a very wrong misguided way..
I can agree with this to an extent, but there is definitely a cruel element to Loki's character. I don't know if it's due to nature or nurture - I'm asssuming there are centries worth of MCU Thor/Loki back story we're not yet privy to - but it's there. Having said that, I have to disagree with this:

...He loves Thor, and at that point accepted Thor would be king at some point, but he truly believed that Thor was not ready, no matter what father said. And so for the good of Asgard he creates this distraction, to push the coronation back more, and he'd probably done all he could to drag it out prior to that too, for the same reason.

(re: the empty hall)
This was to be my day of triumph.

It will come. In time..

I don't think Loki had any intention of Thor ever coming back. Quite the opposite, he wanted Thor permanently out of the way. That scene in Thor I where he appears to Thor in the SHIELD interrogation room ... still gives me chills. Those lies he told -- 'Father is dead, Mother doesn't want to see you, peace with Jotunheim is contingent on you staying where you are' -- were calculated to hurt in the worst possible way, and would only hold traction if Thor stayed right where he was. Not to mention the fact that permanent exile on Midgard with no access to Idun's apples meant nothing less than a death sentence.

I agree that his intention might have been to do what he felt was best for Asguard, but his methods left no room at all for brotherly feeling.

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