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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 2

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
Well, when he goes up against Loki, he makes a huge show, but ends up getting beaten silly. I understand that Cap has no chance against Loki, but there has to be a way for him to at least look good and put up a decent fight rather than getting knocked to the ground three times and having Black Widow comment "that guy's all over the place"

Then there's the Hellicarier sequence. Thor and Hulk are having an epic battle, Natasha and Barton have a very tense fight, Tony uses his ingenuity to fix the Hellicarier and saved everyone's lives, and Steve... Does what Tony tells him... pulling levers.... gets into a fight with some mooks and loose, despite being a legendary soldier.

And in the end, his battle orders prove to be irrelevant. Natasha is the one who thinks of closing the portal to stop the invasion. So much for being a tactical mastermind. And according to the commentary, they're all about to loose before the portal was closed.

There's a bunch of other stuff in between as well.

So to sum up, Cap needs to be saved three times, two of them from guys who are just random henchmen. He is also very nearly killed in the bank scene. So as a fighter, he isn't shown to be particularly competent. Certainly less than Black Widow.

As a leader, he doesn't figure out what is needed to save the day, and Black Widow does that instead.

He isn't the compassionate, inspirational mentor. Somehow, that falls to Tony, of all people.

And he's no longer the self-sacrificing type.

So what makes him one of Earth's mightiest heros? According to Whedon, what is it about Cap that makes him special?
But... He told Hulk to smash. lol.

Wow that is certainly a disheartening analysis. The way I see it, he stood up to Loki when no one else could (IM was en route), saved a bank full of people, ordered the police to protect the citizens rather than try to be heroes, By getting the people off the streets, and setting up a perimeter he probably directly saved the most lives. While (the other Avengers) defeating the army saved the world (indirectly saving a few billion lives).

Despite what you say, he gave fast and effective orders to the team for containment "until we can close that portal." And wasn't about to send Widow on a fool's errand that she realistically wouldn't survive in order to attempt to close a portal that no one (not even her) was sure she could close.

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