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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I did agree with what you were saying about him taking some pleasure in fear, and equating fear to respect (since he can't get respect through love, then through fear)... but also Thor equates fear with respect in the beginning of Thor 1. and that is an evil element.
Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
One issue is in order for Loki to get the respect and love from Odin he desires, and be considered worthy, he must change how he goes about his good intentions. Loki definitely thinks two wrongs make a right, and the end justifies the means, but I'm sure Odin would not agree. So I think in order for Loki to get the approval he craves, he's got to do something good, and do it in the right away, so that Odin does approve and has a chance to show Loki that. And that is a question, whether Loki is capable of pulling that off, doing something right, and doing it with honorable methods? And not only that can he do it without the clichéd old, the character must sacrifice his life in order to redeem himself? Because that is very clichéd story element and I don't want to see Loki die like that. I want to see something new!

I think There will be something that will quench that thirst, and put an end to the madness, maybe in Thor 2, but certainly by the end of the series. What that will be I don't know. I think Loki needs that self worth and place in the world, and if he's able to find it then that may allow him to leg go of that hate, but I don't feel that his family can provide it for him. If anyone who is already MCU established, that would be Frigga since he does not appear to hate her, and has no reason to really. Other than that, again possibly a story with Sigyn could send him in that direction but as I've stated they'd have to be really really careful how they told and and definitely make some serious changes with how that relationship was depicted in the comics in order to not send a dangerous message.
One comment about thirst-quenching: as I'm using it, that refers to the thing that he is missing. He is seeking power to quench that thirst, but per our earlier discussion, what he appears to really need is respect and appreciation, from the people around him to be sure. I think he also needs to develop it for himself. Having people fear him might serve as a proxy, but it would be a poor substitute.

I agree with Elizah's comments about some of the things Loki would need to do to gain the approval he craves.

I also think his animosity toward Thor arises out of this primary thirst. It would seem he resents Thor for having the acceptance of those around him. He is literally the tow-haired child of the family. If the primary deficit is addressed, then I think this secondary issue will be abated.

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