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Started watching this today while I was home sick. After ten episodes it's really grown on me
I love the pacing of the episodes, even though it stalls a bit where they fight the prisoners around episodes 8-9-10 but overall its great.

Only real gripe I have about it is that I don't for one bit buy Kurapika character, just.. no. Neither do I like Killua, he just seems so schizo and not in a good way - one second he's alright, chilling and fun, but the next he becomes this brooding brat which is so annoying.

Gon and Leorio I love as characters though, which makes the show up til where I am now a little disappointing because those two are the ones least developed yet. But I suppose that will come in time.

I've truly missed a show like this, ever since I discovered Naruto (which I subsequently stopped watching after 70 or so episodes) way back when. This show just gives out this happy aura and I'm psyched to what will follow these initial hunter-trials.

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