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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Aging Fangirl View Post
I don't think Loki had any intention of Thor ever coming back. Quite the opposite, he wanted Thor permanently out of the way. That scene in Thor I where he appears to Thor in the SHIELD interrogation room ... still gives me chills. Those lies he told -- 'Father is dead, Mother doesn't want to see you, peace with Jotunheim is contingent on you staying where you are' -- were calculated to hurt in the worst possible way, and would only hold traction if Thor stayed right where he was. Not to mention the fact that permanent exile on Midgard with no access to Idun's apples meant nothing less than a death sentence.

I agree that his intention might have been to do what he felt was best for Asguard, but his methods left no room at all for brotherly feeling.
The "it will come in time" line is prior to all of that actually. prior to him deciding that he was what is best for Asgard not Thor. Up until then he figures Thor will be king, but when he's really ready, and Loki doesn't feel he is so he throws in some diversions to push it back. I think he maybe loves Asgard more than he loves Thor, in fact I'd definitely say that or he could not have done what he did. But that doesn't negate any feeling of love he had or still has for Thor. He just again felt that the end justified the means and was doing what was best for Asgard combined with jealousy, insecurity, lack of self worth of course. Loki is not just one thing going on, and I'm not saying love of Asgard alone motivates him, not at all. But back to that very bad no-no Loki did at the Shield base, saying those things to Thor. The only way to convince Thor to give up on the idea of returning is to make him think that father was dead and mother hates him, and then with Thor out of the way, Asgard is no longer in danger from his "idiotic" rule. And he'd decided at that point (at Shield) that Thor was definitely not what was best for Asgard and it was up to him to save Asgard from Thor's rule, but not prior during the "it will come" scene at the beginning.

Might I point out also, that Thor being mortal at that time, and Loki not, if he really had no love for his brother and only wanted him out of the way permanently, I'm pretty sure he could have killed him then and there, with no one knowing (could have told his parents Shield killed him) but he hadn't come to the point to have to make that choice yet between his brother and Asgard. Really there is a development over time of his thinking motivations and feelings, it's not just all the same all throughout.

from a Tom interview earlier this year....

In the heart of Loki there is the heart of a lost child and around it he’s wrapped in a cloak of hatred and anger and pain and enormous power. But I think it’s much more exciting if I think there’s always a possibility (for redemption) because then it makes him three-dimensional, it makes him complex, and you hope some people in the audience are fighting for that. It’s part of Thor’s motivation. It’s part of what makes Thor a good character, because Thor is fighting for his brother back. He wants his brother! He appeals to their childhood in this film, he says, “We fought together, played together. Do you remember none of that?” And Loki’s response is, “I remember a shadow.” So I hope that somewhere down the line – I haven’t seen a script for Thor 2 – I hope that somewhere in Thor 2 that’s something that is expanded on. I keep finding myself saying, I can’t remember who said it, but, “The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference” and Loki is not indifferent to Thor. Loki hates Thor, which must mean that underneath that he still loves him.

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MTV's Splashpage has Loki as one of the "Heroes of 2012" (in the sense of "list of individuals who made a major impact on the comic book movie community in 2012.") - the guest blogger writing about it was one of the masterminds behind "Project Wendy" (still slightly bummed I let myself miss out on participating... I'm an introvert that doesn't like taking pictures of myself, and I was too lazy to come up with a clever alternative like some other people did):
Yes, Thomas, people have been saying nice things about you again...

Tom says, don't be so shy next time Silvermoon. He's a very pleasant chap, really.

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