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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Regarding the earlier scene that you quoted, where Thor had just overturned the table, and Loki tells him his rule will come with time--at that moment, do you think Loki was anticipating Thor being exiled?

Good point! I should probably go back and watch the movie again to be sure I have my timeline straight. At that point, Loki had not yet even planted the germ of an idea in Thor's head that would eventually result in his exile.

I agree, though, that he rolls with what develops and leverages it pretty ruthlessly later on to secure his own power.

Based on the timeline, I must concede that Loki's idea of Thor being his brother had also changed drastically by then, but even so, he didn't have to appear before Thor and tell him what he did. That was intentional cruelty.

Here's a question I've wondered about (though it's probably already been discussed). Loki was well aware of how easy it would be to influence Thor. As clever as he was, it would have been so simple for him to rule from the sidelines. I wonder why he even bothered fiddling with the coronation at all? (And before you say it, yes I know it would have made for a much shorter movie. Just trying to follow his thought processes.)

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