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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I see what you are saying. But it doesn't change the fact that there IS all that characterization there. Like I said, I didn't have time to really think about it, so at that point in time, since I couldn't figure out what would satisfy loki's hunger, i just said at the moment, nothing. Obviously if a character is rooted in THAT much pain, with trying to accomplish the goal, the possibility of removing the pain IS MOST CERTAINLY THERE. that is what you are essentially saying, correct? Saying loki's thirst is unquenchable is wrong, I just sorta jumped to that conclusion cause i couldnt think of anything that could quench it. The bigger issue, I think, as you do too, is not whether or not the the thirst is quenchable, but how they go about quenching it in the best way for for their own well being.

with that being said, I still can't really formulate an idea as to what would quench loki's thirst. I probably could, but my mind is jumping from marvel film to marvel film right now. That is something loki will have to figure out for himself. I think, that longing to get rid of that thirst is what makes a character so interesting.
yes again, and it is tough to think of what could do it. But I'm sure there are better writers than me that have worked on it, and they have a freakin' awesome actor for the job, so I have faith that it can be done, if they choose to go in that direction.

Which is what makes thanos AND loki my two favorite villains. Thanos has sort of actually turned into an antihero. After Marvel: The End, once he got his fill of power and literally destroyed the marvel universe, he simply wasn't the same titan anymore. Not the same titan who would kill and kill for death. Which is basically a good example of what you were saying. Again, i think that longing to get rid of that thirst is what makes a character so interesting, which is why I prefer Thanos when he was willing to kill in death's name
I had read that too about him yes, and I think he will be a really really interesting villain for the MCU. Maybe not as developed as Loki but still, should be interesting. The whole Mistress Death - Thanos love affair is quite intriguing. (wonder if there will be a big Thanos fangirl revolution as a result? lol!) Is he cast yet for A2?

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