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Default Re: How will Clark being found by the Kents be handled?

Originally Posted by Naite22 View Post
In some form or way, I believe that we WILL see the Kents finding Clark and the crashed ship. We already know from the new trailer that we'll see him being sent to earth by his Kryptonian birth parents. You see them kissing him goodbye, so we MUST be seeing it all, like it was presented in the original Donner film as well. Otherwise it's just unbalanced. And talking about unbalanced, it just doesn't seem balanced at all if we don't get to see the Kents finding him at "the other end". Maybe we'll see glimpses of this in trailer 3, which I don't think will premier before sometime of mid-april.
I agree 100percent

Well let's send them a message. That this..... THIS IS OUR LAND!!!!!!!!!!!
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